West Elm long table lunch

Lunch with Williams-Sonoma

These days I spend a majority of my time cleaning the house and running around after three rambunctious little people who seem hell-bent on destroying anything that crosses their paths. Case in point, as I write this my two boys are flinging wooden trucks off the highest ledge they can find to see whose truck goes the farthest and crash into as many surfaces as possible. Fun times. So when I get the chance to palm them off to someone, and get out of the house, and talk to actual adults it is the highlight of my week. Yesterday I went to a lunch to celebrate Williams-Sonoma brands West Elm and Pottery Barn and honestly, this would have been the highlight of my week even if I led far more interesting existence.

The lunch was held at the amazing Stackwood, a creative space and concept store in Fremantle. Stackwood is a former diesel workshop that has been renovated into a stunning store/cafe and warehouse space that also hosts nine creative studios for local makers. So much goodness in one space. The absolute perfect setting for what was in store for us at this event.

I walked into Stackwood and was greeted by a stunning long table styled to perfection in the gorgeous light-filled warehouse. And not a toddler in sight… bliss! As is normal when you get a bunch of Instagrammers together in a gorgeous space, everyone was milling around taking photos of the table from every angle possible. Look at this, I mean, how could you not?

// The table was set with stunning crockery by Winterwares.

We were introduced to the day’s agenda by Lexi, Williams-Sonoma’s Director of PR and all round lovely lady. She told us about the companies origins in Sonoma, California in the mid-1950s and how founder Chuck Williams was inspired by the restaurant-quality kitchenware he saw while on a trip to France that led him to open a store importing beautiful wares from the culinary mecca to the US.

Our activities for the day were in keeping with the concept of beautiful, quality products for the home. First up was a workshop with the clever Kat Snowden from Clean Slate Skincare where we learned the delicate art of creating the perfect fragrance using essential oils. My creation was a mix of Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, and Bergamont, which just happened to be the first mix I made, the rest were decidedly average. I learned that while I love beautiful fragrances, in my case, making them is best left to the experts like Kat. The workshops, however, are lots of fun, and really interesting. If you’re interested in taking part in a workshop. The details can be found on the Clean Slate website, here.

// You know it’s going to be a good day when your coffee is hand delivered looking this good!

// This is me, trying to look like I know what I’m doing. Thanks for the capture House Nerd.

In the second workshop, we got to play with clay and make our own little vessel under the guidance of the lovely Simone Nabholz of Winterwares. We entered Simone’s gorgeously serene studio where she introduced us to her passion; ceramics. Her studio is a reflection, not only of her talent and her passion but of her search for a slower paced lifestyle after feeling burned out in her previous career. She threw herself into ceramics where she found she was more grounded and fulfilled and started her amazing business selling her work and holding workshops to share her joy with others. If you are interested in her workshops you can find more information on her website here.

At first, I didn’t think playing was clay was for me, I’m definitely a type A personality and playing with things that are a little messy and hard to control are not exactly how I find my zen. However as my little vessel started to take shape and I got more familiar I got with the material, I definitely started to see what Simone was talking about. Plus, I could spend all day in that stunning studio of hers.

// Simone’s gorgeous work lining the walls of her studio. I want one of everything, please!

When we were done creating it was time to sit down and enjoy lunch at that stunning long table. Simone explained to us that we were having a deconstructed salad type lunch, which encouraged slow living and mindfulness. It was also a really great way to encourage conversation among the guests as everyone was passing the dishes up and down the table. The food was delightful and the chance to sit down and enjoy it, in that setting, with old and new friends was really something special.

// As if the wonderful day wasn’t enough, we also got a beautiful Winterwares candle to take home.

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