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Easter Sunday at the Farmer’s Market

Easter was a pretty low-key event in the Tougas household this year. We were about two weeks into the longest house move in human history, still with lots more to do, so we didn’t really get into the Easter festivities too much. Though there is a lot to be said for spending a quiet holiday in with those you love.

One thing I’ve learned about myself as a parent is that I get just as excited about these mornings as I did as a kid. Easter, Christmas, birthdays you’ll usually see me up at the crack waiting with excitement to see the kids get up and get real excited. This year was no different.  Harper was the first to get up so I told her to go wake the boys. She walked into their room ‘Ed, Henry, the Easter Bunny has been!’. Well, I’ve never seen those two sleepy heads get up out of bed so fast. (I might have to use that in the future when I’m struggling to get them up and ready for school) It was wonderful watching them run all over the house looking for the chocolates the Easter Bunny delivered.. I even got a little surprise; propped up against the coffee machine for me to find. That bunny sure knows me well.

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I realise this looks like a lot of chocolate for a 2-year-old. Don’t worry, Mummy eats most of it when they go to bed… So much for the diet.

After the great egg hunt and a visit from Nanna and Grandad, we decided to head down to the local Farmer’s Market. I cannot tell you how happy I am that we live close enough to walk here now. I may or may not have mentioned it a few times to Hubs on our trek there.  I think it will definitely need to become a regular event on our Sunday mornings.

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I have to tell you about this store we came across as we walked into the market – The Boy Who Draws. As the name implies they create beautiful prints, cards, and textiles from the most incredible drawings, all done by a 5-year-old boy! You would think that the name, paired with the signs pointing out that the drawings were all done by a 5-year-old would make it obvious. Leave it to this genius to ask the dad if he drew them… Yeah. Anyway, click the link and check out their stuff, it’s seriously cool. We got the ‘Fremantle’ print for the boys’ room. Can’t wait to hang it.

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We spent an hour or so just looking around. I could spend all morning just slowly going from stall to stall looking at every little thing. Hubs, on the other hand, likes to skim over everything to find what he’s interested in (usually food), so we just try to find a happy compromise which usually involves me looking around while he buys the produce.

I could eat all the things at these markets, but since we’d already had a pretty big brekky at home, we just bought the kids an ice-cream and sat in the shade provided by the stunning trees and soaked in the atmosphere. Then we strolled home, happy and content.

Happy Easter peeps! x

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