Being Thrifty Pays Off

In an effort to become more fiscally responsible, I recently started looking into ways to get our monthly expenses down and our savings up. I wrote down a list of all our monthly expenses and looked at ways we could save on each one. Boy did I feel like a dummy when I started looking into matters and realising how much moolah we could have been saving if only I’d done this years ago.

One such example is dog food. We have two dogs. Big dogs who love food very, very much. These two big hungry dogs go through a 20kg bag a month, and it is expensive yo! (about $120 per bag) So I started looking into how to make this expense cheaper for us (which didn’t include getting rid of the dogs, much to Hubs’ disgust) I came across Pet Circle. These guys sell our dog food of choice for $97.95 per bag, plus free delivery, and if you set up automatic delivery you get an extra 5% off! So not only am I saving money but I also don’t have to remember to go and buy it when we’re running low. Super convenient, right?

Well, today our first order was delivered (just in time, we were almost out) and we came home to this big ass box on our doorstep. The kids were pretty excited to see what had been delivered, and pretty upset to see it was only dog food, and pretty excited when they realised they had a big ass box they could play with. What followed was a blissful afternoon of the three of them playing happily with their new box and giving Mummy some breathing space.

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I walked into the living room at one point to find this – (She’s not actually asleep here, just pretending; But she’s happy and quiet, which is the most important thing)

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I feel like I’m definitely onto something with this new thrifty outlook on life.

P.S: This isn’t a sponsored post, just sharing the love.



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