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Building Our New House : The Backstory

My old blog is about to expire, so I’m just going to put this old post here for nostalgic purposes.  This was written in October 2016.. and we’re still not in yet. Breathe Rebecca, almost there… Enjoy!


I have been meaning to blog about our build experience for a quite a while now, but if I’m honest, I haven’t really been all that excited about it until now. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited at first. Looking through display homes, and dreaming about being able to create a home that was just right for our family was fun and exciting, but that soon faded as we ran into some issues that cost us time and money.

Anyone who builds a new home will tell you that the process is a long one. I was prepared for that, but our build (at least the planning stages) has probably taken longer than most. I won’t go into those issues today, but the delays have made me, at times, feel like our new house was never going to be built. We are back on track now and very close to seeing the actual building begin, so I’m starting to get excited again and I’m keen to share the process. Before I do that, here’s a little run down of our build story so far.


Our first little home. Cute isn’t she?    Image by Crib Creative

Four years ago, just before our daughter was born, my husband and I bought our first home, a tiny little cottage close to Fremantle. It was three bedroom, one bathroom and about 85 square metres. It was small, but we loved it and it was perfect for us… until our little family started to grow. When our second child started walking we knew our little house wasn’t the best fit for us anymore and we started looking at our options.


The tiny, but very cute kitchen from our first pad.    Image also by Crib Creative

We wanted to stay close to Fremantle and find a home that was big enough for all of us that would be our forever home. We looked at buying established and also entertained the idea of building. Hubby was more interested in building than I was. I love the idea of being able to build exactly what you want, but I was apprehensive about the whole process. I have heard many horror stories about project builds.  While we were researching our options we found a great block. Close to a great school, and within walking distance to the beach, the farmer’s market and the great cafes and restaurants of South Fremantle. We put an offer on it at way under asking price and it was accepted straight away. Building it was!


Look how small it was! Oh, but we did love her.     Credit Crib Creative


We then started the process of designing the perfect house for us. Here’s a list of the things we wanted in our new home.


Central Hallway  |  I adore the old Victorian homes with the central hallway where you can leave the front door open and let the breeze flow through the house.

4 Bedrooms  |  3 Kids and family visiting from Canada. We definitely need 4 bedrooms.

Largish bedrooms  |  My bedroom growing up was on the small side and I always wished it was bigger. I guess it just kinda stuck and I want my kids to have bigger rooms so they have their own space.

Large Kitchen with Scullery  |  This is more for the hubby. He is the cook in the family. The office is my space, the kitchen is his.

Office  |  My space. I need an office for my business and for all my design books and to hide from the kids when they’re driving me crazy.

Largish Balcony  |  Our block might get ocean views so we want to take advantage of that. We don’t want the balcony to be too small that it isn’t functional. Plus it’s got to fit all of us.

No Wasted Space  |  Our block is kinda small (396m2) So we wanted to try and maximise the yard space by not wasting space on the floor plan.

Natural Light  |  We wanted to have an abundance of light streaming into our new home to keep it light and bright, and warmer in the Winter.


Ground floor plan



First floor plan. I have big plans for vino sessions on that balcony. Just sayin’


Our block narrows at the back so there were a few challenges in getting the design right and fitting in everything that we wanted. Our builder was really great in helping us create a floor plan that captured everything on our wish list and we are really happy with the final result. So now, 20 months after purchasing our block we are just days away from going to site. Let’s hope the next stage runs a little more smoothly.


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