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With our new house almost finished, Hubs and I have put ourselves on a very tight, but very necessary budget. Given that today is 2 days before payday we weren’t in a position to spend any money, but it was a nice day and we had a few hours to kill so we thought we might check out the Pleasure Garden at the Perth Fringe Festival.

A few years back I had heard about this cool mermaid show at Fringe that sounded like something the kids would get a kick out of, so when I saw that they were there again this year (and it was a free show) we figured it was a good way to spend our Sunday afternoon. We packed a picnic lunch, rounded up the monsters munchkins and headed up to the city.

In the chaos of trying to get out of the house at a reasonable time, I forgot to check where we were actually going. (That happens more than I’d like to admit, just quietly). Of course, it wasn’t in the same place it was 4 years ago (go figure!) so we spent a bit of time getting to where we needed to be.

It was worth it though. The Pleasure Garden is, as I soon found out, at Russell Square, a beautiful park with big leafy trees that provide lots of shade and beautiful atmosphere. The kids had fun exploring and even tried the silent disco. Though once they realised the aim of the game is to not make any noise and just listen and dance, they vetoed that quick-smart.

We managed to not spend anything at all (except for parking, $12 for 3 hours, yikes!) much to the kids’ disgust. Harper still hasn’t forgiven me for not getting her a snow cone, I ruined her whole day, apparently. Ed also declared it the worst day ever after
I told him we weren’t getting ice cream. What can I say, kids will be kids. Despite the negative reviews, I think it’s safe to say we all had a lovely afternoon.

Oh! and the mermaids were awesome; 100% real mermaids that live in the ocean and absolutely not just women wearing plastic tails and pretending. So there, Harper.

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  1. Who doesn’t like mermaids? Our youngest thinks they are just awesome 🙂

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