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Practically Complete

I can’t quite believe it. Like really, it felt like this day would never come. After three years of searching and planning and heartache and sacrifice, today we had the practical completion walkthrough for our new house. It’s almost finished and in 2 short weeks, we will have the keys!

To put this momentous event in perspective, when we decided to move out of our last house and find something a little more suitable (our last home was a teeny tiny cottage with 3 small bedrooms and one bathroom), our family was a lot different than it is now. Harper was a toddler, Ed was barely walking and Henry was just an idea. Now, Harper is in Grade 1 and can read and write, Ed is in Kindy and learning to ride his big boy bike, and Henry is a toddler, walking, talking and causing mischief! That’s a looong time my friends.

Since we made the decision to move house it seems like everything that could go wrong did. As soon as we put the house on the market, the market plummetted. Our house took over nine months to sell, and we didn’t get what we wanted for it. We did, however, manage to buy the new block when the market was still strong. Great timing huh? What started as a small stay in my parents’ house turned into a 3-year slog, and our plan to save money while we were living with next-to-no rent went down the drain when The Hubs lost his job. Fun times. (For the record, he was made redundant after 11 years of hard work and dedication, but that’s a story for another day). Throw in a bad experience with a building company, thousands of dollars in costs to meet council energy rating requirements and being knocked back for finance at the eleventh hour, and you have our journey thus far.

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So here we are, after all that bad juju, we’re almost at the finish line. We walked through with our building supervisor today and pointed out anything that needed to be fixed before the handover. I have to hand it to them, there weren’t many issues, like, at all. I kept trying to be helpful, pointing out things that I thought looked wrong and the supervisor was just like, no that’s meant to be there. Good one Rebecca. The boys had lots of fun making sure the light switches worked, testing the hiding viability of the wardrobes and establishing how many stairs they could jump from without hurting themselves… not really trying to be helpful at all.

Despite this exciting turn of events, we won’t be moving in right away. These here dusty floors are going to be polished up a treat (Eeeep!) and we’re going to get a painter in because neither Hubs nor I have the patience or desire to paint the place ourselves. But after 3 years living with my parentals, what’s a few more weeks, right?

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