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If you don’t like glitter nails, we can’t be friends.

Over the weekend Harper went to a friend’s birthday party and was pretty chuffed to receive some cute little nail polishes in the obligatory party bag. So we made a deal, after the usual night-time routine, if you’re good, we would sit down and get our salon on.


With the standard case of FOMO that exists between siblings, the boys decided they would also be needing fabulous blue manicures. Le Sigh. The Hubs and I weren’t too sure about Henry’s ability to sit still enough to let the nail polish dry without getting it over anything within a 1-5 meter radius, but once it was offered by his overzealous siblings, who are we to tell him no?

I was annoyed with The Hubs over some petty thing that had happened earlier in the day, so, as I was attempting to paint the tiny fingernails of our boisterous toddler, I had an idea to get a little revenge.

“You know who would really love to get their nails painted? Daddy!”


“And I think he’d really like it if you used a bunch of different colours!”

“Like a rainbow! and there are gold and glitter ones too!” You can always count on Harper to come with the good ideas.

The Hubs hates glitter. He calls it his kryptonite. Mwah hahaha! “Yes Harps, LOTS of glitter polish!”

So, being the great dad that he is, he let them paint his nails. He sat there while they painted pretty pinks and purples and golds, he even let them use the purple glitter polish. He kept it on for a whole day through a catch up with friends at the park and a meeting with a colleague. Now that’s love. He drew the line at wearing his colourful manicure to work though, can’t imagine why?   😉


Ever since I’ve known Hubs his job has required him to be away from home for days (or weeks) at a time. So when he’s home I always try to get him to read to the kidlets as much as he can. I think its a really great opportunity for them to bond and, let’s be honest, gives me a break from the 5 or 6 books we have on high rotation at our place. I read recently that kids benefit more from their dads reading to them, than when their mummas do. Interesting. Even more reason to encourage it.

On a side note, at the party, I had some pretty cool conversation with the school mums. I never did the whole mothers’ group thing because I never had much interest in sitting around and talking about babies or comparing stories about poop. As my kids get older though, it’s nice to have conversations with people who are going through the same sh*t as you every now and then (5-year-old girls can be tricky creatures). Anyway, one of the main topics of conversation was how bloody hard and tiring it is to be a parent and it was then that one of the mums then confirmed something I’ve always thought to be true ‘You love them just that tiny bit more when they’re sleeping’. I know, Right?! Look at this guy. So…. quiet.








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