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Perth Zoo + Beyond

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Our kidlets love animals. Most times when we want to do something with them it takes a bit of convincing before they realise we aren't taking them to the most boring place on earth. We never, however, need to talk them into a trip to the zoo. We have yearly passes so we can go as often as we like,…read more
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Being Thrifty Pays Off

In an effort to become more fiscally responsible, I recently started looking into ways to get our monthly expenses down and our savings up. I wrote down a list of all our monthly expenses and looked at ways we could save on each one. Boy did I feel like a dummy when I started looking into matters and realising how much…read more

To Market, To Market (Part 1)

Fremantle Markets Perth Western Australia
What is it about markets? The fresh produce, delicious food stalls, interesting handmade treasures and vibrant atmosphere; Markets are the best. In my humble opinion, one of the best markets in Perth, is the Fremantle Markets. This is good news for me because they are in my hood. Truth be told, I hadn't been to them in quite a while.…read more

From The Fringe

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With our new house almost finished, Hubs and I have put ourselves on a very tight, but very necessary budget. Given that today is 2 days before payday we weren't in a position to spend any money, but it was a nice day and we had a few hours to kill so we thought we might check out the Pleasure…read more

Practically Complete

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I can't quite believe it. Like really, it felt like this day would never come. After three years of searching and planning and heartache and sacrifice, today we had the practical completion walkthrough for our new house. It's almost finished and in 2 short weeks, we will have the keys! To put this momentous event in perspective, when we decided…read more