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My Mother’s Day Wants // The Perfect Leather Jacket

A few weeks ago I was surfing the interwebs looking at pretty stuff and dreaming about being wealthy enough to buy all the things. I was on the Decjuba website (one of my faves) and I saw this amazing leather jacket. I messaged Hubs straight away “If you want to know what to get me for like Mother’s Day, or my birthday, or just because you love me; Get me this.” His reply was the stuff of fairytales ‘Sure, get it”. I love that man.

Decjuba Women's Leather Jacket

You see, I have a long history of wanting, and never owning the perfect leather jacket. I remember years and years ago shopping with a friend in the City and coming across the most amazing leather jacket, it was perfect in every way. I would have made that jacket mine had it not cost somewhere north of $700. Sigh. After that day I kept looking for something that I loved and could afford. I know leather is expensive and well worth the investment, but for whatever reason, I could never justify the financial outlay. So I tried to find something that looked just right but fit my budget too.

Finally, after years of searching, I thought I had found my match when I came across exactly what I was looking for on Asos, and it was only $179! For a real leather jacket. I couldn’t believe it. I bought the jacket in my size but when I got it I realised the sizing on this particular brand ran small and the jacket was a little tight. I didn’t care though, I was going to lose weight, stretch it out, do whatever I had to to make this sucker fit. It was only a tiny bit too tight so I thought we’d be fine. Everything was fine too and I was so pleased with myself, until about 6 months later when we were at the airport leaving Canada and as I took my jacket off and flung it over my suitcase I noticed a huge rip under the arm. Devastating.

That’ll teach me for trying to skimp out on something that is worth the investment. I decided right then and there I was going to get me a perfect leather jacket, cost be damned. So when I came across this beauty, I knew this was it (and it was on sale!!) So I can proudly report that I am now, finally the owner of what I believe to be the perfect leather jacket, and it fits just right no weight loss required.

Since Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and I love playing little games in my head of what I would buy (or ask for) if I could, I figured I’d put together a little edit of things I’m coveting right now. Now don’t get me wrong, I know Mother’s Day isn’t about getting presents and I’m more than happy to get the little handmade creations that my kids make with love each year. But us mums work our butts off for our families, and sometimes it’s nice to be spoilt… or at the very least daydream about pretty things.

Mother's Day Edit Cool Mum

  1. Stonewash Bath Sheet Bundle  The Beach People  //  I need new towels. The ones we currently use are so old and crusty, but we just haven’t gotten around to replacing them. These are pretty and would look amazing in our new bathroom.  Note to self-get new towels. It’s time.
  2. The Brooklyn Leather Jacket  One Teaspoon  //  Everything One Teaspoon makes is just really freaking cool. Even though I love my new leather jacket, this one is just super sexy. A girl can dream right??!
  3. Santal 33 Fragrance  Le Labo //  Give me a yummy fragrance in a beautiful bottle any day of the week. I need this in my life.
  4. This Is Ground Leather Laptop Sleeve  Milligram  //  My laptop gets trashed because I drag it around the house with me and forget to put it away properly where tiny hands can’t get to it. I think this laptop sleeve would go a long way to making me remember to put my damn laptop away.
  5. New York Tote  Bahru Leather  //  Bahru is a local brand that I adore. Their bags are beautiful and functional and made from the softest most amazing leather. This tote is next level and is the perfect carry all for busy mums.
  6. Austin Drop Crotch Pant  Decjuba  //  I love me some drop crotch pants. I live in them. These ones are a little more dressy than the jersey ones I currently live in and I love being comfy when I go out too so I think I will be needing these also.
  7. Wunder Under Tight  Lululemon  //  Lululemon tights are amazing. Hubs introduced me to Lululemon back when we were first dating and they weren’t in Australia yet. The quality is so good and they always make me feel skinnier than I actually am.
  8. Adidas Gazelle Gold  Platypus Shoes //  I’m a sneaker girl. I can’t get enough and the colour of these is on point.
  9. Mid Century Bedside Table Grand  West Elm // I realise that furniture is a rather strange gift idea, but we’ve just moved into our new house and I adore these. Plus it’s sometimes easier to convince your Hubby to splurge when it’s something for the house and not just for the wife.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the kick ass mum’s out there!


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